Johnathan Benson (1983 - ), a.k.a. The Seer is a main character in The Seer Chronicles by Gregory Moquin, published by SeerNova Comics LLC.


A firefighter for SCFD(Seer City Fire Department). With a few years on the job he goes into a fire at Psycorp, but is pronounced dead as the building falls. He is later reborn as he rises from the ashes to become the hero Seer City needs. 

Powers and Abilities

kinetic energy: push and pull people and objects towards or away.

Fire manipulation: hands glow bright orange and shoots bursts/balls of fire from hands.

Healing factor: can heal wounds, slower with bigger wounds.

Magma/volcanic armored skin: a layer of thick armored skin to protect from knives, bullets,etc. 

Utility belt/ Batons: smoke bombs, net bombs, cable bomb, hover disk.

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10

Weight: 300 LBS

Eye color: Hazel turns green

Hair color: brown hair turns black